Wuxi Saibo Company Limited Wuxi Saibo Company Limited

  • Telescopic Rail

    SAIBO Telescopic Rails are designed for heavy duty industrial applications which require smooth telescopic sliding with no play. These applications include such as Automated Warehousing systems, Electric Vehicle’s Battery Boxes. MORE
  • Heavy Load Linear System

    SB-LGV heavy load linear system has heavy load capacity. Main characters are precision, stable performance and low friction. Fit for be applied in logistic, automatic welding equipment, automobile production line etc. MORE
  • Aluminium-base Rail

    SAIBO provide SB-LGA and SB-LGB 2 series to select according to different applications. These rails are made of aluminium base and two hardened steel shafts. Character is high speed, low noise, light load capacity and economic MORE
  • Aluminium-base Wide rail

    SB-LGC rail is made of wide aluminium body and two big diameter steel shafts. This structure made it has very stable performance even in big load, especially big torque. Single rail can reach 6 meters. MORE
  • PTFE Self-lubricate Bearing

    PTFE self-lubricate bearings are mainly used in those requested very clean working conditions such as pharm/food machines. It also can be used in heavy load, low noise and nonmagnetic requested conditions MORE
  • Shaft

    SAIBO provide chrome steel and stainless steel shafts with high precision and excellent wear-resist performance. Precision, smooth and heavy load linear motion comes when it mates with Teflon linear bearing. MORE